The Trainer Brainer: Don’t fall prey to persuasion, prepare a career plan and go ahead

Prepare a statement of purpose for the best option and see how far you can go with that career plan
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

The acid test for any fresh graduate would be when they have to make a career choice. One might ask why it is called the acid test. Is it so difficult that one cannot make a decision? It is perfectly fine that such questions emerge, but at the same time, it must also be understood that this perhaps must be one of the most difficult phases in the life of the average youth.
I would like to make it very clear as a human resource mentor, that the youth are very courageous in making a career decision on their own. In other words, it can be stated that the youth, particularly fresh graduates, must be well-groomed enough to make a significant career choice as it must be a personalised and informed decision. Having said this, I must also mention here that this might not be true for many others who are at the same stage in their lives.
Of the many reasons that might lead to such a situation, one could be that the youth are being persuaded to opt for a particular career choice. This persuasion may be from their family members, friends, seniors and other acquaintances. But what will be the repercussion in the life of the youth who will have to live with that decision? Here are some of the possible repercussions:
 It dents the confidence of the youth in the professional setting and makes them timid personalities who cannot withstand the pressures and demands of the career.
 It does not help them in their progressive career development plan since they are to depend on the instructions of the influencer.
 They might lack the interest to give their best efforts as the career choice was made out of force that they couldn’t overcome.
 When career choices are made out of compulsive persuasion by another person, the youth tend to be careless in their professional aspirations, as they can easily shift the blame or pass the buck.
 The youth would throw away the best productive phase of their early career life, which could be very detrimental as they approach their middle age, in terms of work-life balance.

Lists, lists, lists
Make a list of the possible career openings that you can keep an eye out for

Be passionate
Introspect to see whether you’re interested or truly passionate about them

Industry check
Make an honest effort to professionally assess the options with industry trends

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