How command over the English language will hold you in good stead, always 

Most importantly, don’t be nervous about making errors, sometimes you do feel insecure, embarrassed and ashamed while speaking publicly, in fact, it is absolutely fine to commit errors
English | (Pic: Pixabay)
English | (Pic: Pixabay)

Have you ever thought about why English is so popular? Primarily, people, by and large, consider English as an international language and to achieve global citizenship, it is essential to have a good command over the language to learn more about new cultures, religions, trades, tourism, business and so on. When you roam around the globe and meet new people, the key that unlocks the door to sharing is the same language, that is, English. Surprisingly, more than 1,348 million people speak English throughout the world. 

In fact, the largest vocabulary in the world is available in the English Language. Whether you are a novice or a progressive speaker of English, you always need a good vocabulary to complete your sentences. Do you also struggle to remember words to project your thoughts clearly? If yes, follow the tips below carefully and try to include them in your daily life for greater understanding and comprehension of the language.

- Reading is a very significant aspect of everybody’s life but each one of us ignores reading after the completion of our studies. If you want to enhance your vocabulary read articles, magazines, books, blogs and even jokes, at least one page in a day, this will surely help you.
- Watch shows in English. Watch a show or news in English every day for better pronunciation and fluency. To fulfill the need, search for a show or a TV channel of your choice that captures your interest and accomplish the purpose to grow with the language every day. 
- Word of the day. It is helpful to enrich your vocabulary and allow yourself to make a notebook to write new words, maybe with synonyms and antonyms, each day to increase your vocabulary. Seems interesting, isn’t it? 
- English hours with family and peers. It is a very useful technique that will motivate you to speak in English with confidence and remove your hesitation. For better word power, fix English-speaking hours with your family and peers either while dining, chatting or studying together.
- Browse the internet and e-libraries. As per your convenience, allow yourself to browse the internet for desired information and access plenty of e-material that is available to gain a command over the English language. You can also refer to English-speaking apps and other related materials to strengthen your vocabulary. 
- Record your own voice. Nowadays each one of us has an Android phone and other gadgets, so try to record your voice while practicing speeches, presentations, dialogues or even everyday conversations to improve various aspects of the English language like pronunciation, intonation, clarity and so on.
- Maintain a diary or a journal. Each time, express yourself in a diary or a journal in English, no matter whether your day was terrific or terrible. In this way, you will surely polish your sentence formation and grammar. Allow yourself to write freely and pen down your wishes, desires, apprehensions, appraisals and gratitude on a daily basis.

Isha Sharma | (Pic: SOA)

Most importantly, don’t be nervous about making errors, sometimes you do feel insecure, embarrassed and ashamed while speaking publicly, in fact, it is absolutely fine to commit errors in order to expand the range and grasp the language in a correct way. It is also noticed that while speaking, the listener usually pays attention to the content and only occasionally makes out the errors of the speaker. 
Ideally, each time when you make a mistake in any arena of English language, that is, speaking, writing or reading, you are trying to open new opportunities and prospects to polish your language skills. So, don’t get upset or flustered at any point in your life, simply wear your confidence and with sheer focus train your voice to sound confident as well as pleasant.

It is true that if you wish to pursue your ambition in teaching, aviation, pharmacy, business or any other stream or arena of life, you cannot neglect the role of English which is directly associated with vocabulary, pronunciation and will make your conversation effective. No doubt, the English language is the gateway to success, better communication and achieving goals in your respective lives.

(Isha Sharma is a communication and language professional and research scholar, S'O'A Deemed-to-be University)

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