E-Canteen Fundas: Here's how to stay in the present and not imagine situations you can't handle

Pro Tip: Stay in the present. Don’t imagine situations you can’t handle. Cut out scary news and take the rest as it comes
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

I feel this heaviness in me these days,’ said Rinku. ‘Don’t feel like doing anything.’
‘We all feel it, Rinku,’ said Rakesh. ‘It’s fear. We hear about the COVID situation outside and don’t know how to cope with it. It paralyses us.’
‘We’re staying home, no?’ said Rahul. ‘Why this heaviness then?’
‘There are three levels of fear,’ said Rakesh. ‘This is Level Three fear, where we feel we cannot handle things and that makes us feel heavy. We imagine the worst and feel helpless about it.’
‘How do we deal with it, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku. 
‘First, stop terrorising yourself by imagining extreme situations,’ said Rakesh. ‘Trust your capabilities to handle whatever comes. Don’t worry about situations that haven’t arrived. Like they say, worrying is like wishing for things you don’t want.’
‘But how do we stop worrying, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku. ‘We hear so many dreadful stories around us.’
‘Use the Circle of Control concept,’ said Rakesh. ‘You see, there are things we can control, things we can influence and things we’re concerned about. Things we control are those we have direct control over, things we influence are those we have indirect control over and things that concern us are things we have little control over. This could help.’
‘I’ll stay with things I can control,’ said Rahul. ‘Build my immunity, stay hydrated, exercise, stay home, mask up and wash hands. Also, control what I consume like news and who I interact with.’
‘And in the circle of influence, we can influence others,’ said Rinku. ‘Behaving responsibly, keeping others in our circle of influence in a good space, helping wherever possible, not sharing morbid, fearful and alarmist information.’
‘And keep off the circle of concern for now,’ said Rakesh. ‘The more time we spend on things out of our control, the more helpless we feel. Stay away from things you can’t control like distant news and fearful predictions. Make the best of what’s in your power, surrender to what you can’t control and take it as it comes.’
‘But, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘We can’t cut out all information.
‘True,’ said Rakesh. ‘We’ve to face our fears to overcome it. But let’s face it only when it is real. Until then, build capability, join like-minded groups and do breathing practices. Stay in the present and process the fear rationally. Choose what’s light — people and content — what makes you laugh.’
‘Thanks, bhaiyya,’said Rahul. ‘I’ll stay in the present and take it as it comes.’
Pro Tip: Stay in the present. Don’t imagine situations you can’t handle. Cut out scary news and take the rest as it comes.

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