E-Canteen Fundas: How about cranking up that energy in here and see positive results in life?

Pro Tip: Energy is everything and vice versa. Change the context of all moments to a high-energy one, act doubly energetic and see positive results in your life
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

My lecturer says we need more energy in our class,’ said Rahul. ‘But he didn’t say how.’ ‘I’ve heard of high and low energy too,’ said Rinku. ‘What does it mean, bhaiyya?’ ‘We all possess energy within us,’ said Rakesh. ‘But we don’t access it or use it. We’re scared of our own potential perhaps. But the higher our energy, the better it is for us.’ ‘Why, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku. ‘High energy attracts high energy stuff — people, opportunities and happiness,’ said Rakesh. ‘They raise our energy and make us feel good. To raise the quality of life, raise your energy.’ ‘But how, bhaiyya?’ said Rahul. ‘I don’t feel very energetic.’ ‘With some practice,’ smiled Rakesh. ‘Your energy’s within you, so don’t wait for external factors to turn it on for you. Like performers who’re always high on energy, set a context that raises your energy. Act with double energy, even if you don’t feel like it, and keep practising until you feel the difference.’ ‘What’s ‘setting the right context’, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku.

‘A low-energy context of doing things could be saying things like ‘Hope something exciting happens’,’ said Rakesh. ‘But you can decide upon a high-energy context instead. To illustrate, let’s do a role play. Rinku, meet Rahul like you hate meeting him.’ Rinku met Rahul with zero interest, making no eye contact, speaking with a dull, listless voice. ‘Now, meet him like you’re meeting your best friend after twenty years,’ said Rakesh. Rinku whooped and smiled at Rahul. ‘Whoa,’ said Rinku. ‘My energy zoomed ten times.’ ‘Same here,’ said Rahul. ‘What happened?’ ‘We changed your context into a high-energy one,’ said Rakesh. ‘And you drew all the energy stuck in the past and future, into your present.’ ‘It’s good,’ said Rinku. ‘High energy lifts you and those around you above fears and doubts,’ said Rakesh.

‘Energy is precious, the highest paid resource in the world — and it’s within us. So double your energy and double the good things.’ ‘But bhaiyya, won’t we be abandoning people with low energy?’ asked Rahul. ‘No, Rahul,’ said Rinku. ‘We pull them up with our high energy. Thanks, bhaiyya. I’m doubling it now.’ 

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