E-Canteen Fundas: Are you worth it or not? Your self-worth decides what you allow into your life

Pro Tip: Your self-worth decides what you allow into your life. Increase your self-worth and treat yourself like you’re worthy, accept nothing less
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

My aunt wants me to bake a cake and charge for it,’ said Rinku. ‘I love baking but I’m very uncomfortable charging her for it.’ ‘Watch out,’ laughed Rakesh. ‘You’ll end up with low self-worth if you don’t value yourself.’ ‘How, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku. ‘Giving free stuff is good, right?’ ‘Self-worth is what you think you’re worth,’ said Rakesh. ‘When you don’t think you’re worth much, you treat yourselves poorly. You’re like a seller who doesn’t value his product — others won’t value it either. But if you know your worth and quote the right value, others value it too. To charge or not is your choice, but if you’re not because you feel unworthy, then you’re in trouble.’

‘Does low self-worth affect us, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku. ‘Your self-worth is your gateway,’ said Rakesh. ‘It determines all you get in your life. Low self-worth has a small gateway — it restricts your capacity to receive and hold on to love, material good, opportunities. Your self-worth affects everything.’’ ‘But we have different capacities, right, bhaiyya?’ asked Rahul. ‘Nope,’ said Rakesh. ‘We’re all like hundred rupee notes that have the same intrinsic value whether we’re in a posh handbag or have been trampled upon. We’re worthy as we are equal.’

‘Whoa, how can we improve our self-worth?’ asked Rinku. ‘Since self-worth is your perceived worth, as you are, without external things, people or conditions, begin with accepting yourself exactly as you are,’ said Rakesh. ‘If external things make you feel unworthy, get over them — do test drives, sip coffee at star hotels, etc. Know you’re bigger than any external thing. Don’t deny yourself, have fun within your means. And start treating yourself like you’d treat someone with a healthy self-worth. ‘I was confusing low self-worth with humility,’ said Rinku. ‘And healthy self-worth with arrogance.’ ‘You’re not demeaning anyone by treating yourself well.

With a healthy self-worth, you don’t accept any less. So Rinku, quote a price that makes you feel good, that’s fun for you — and double it. Your aunt will love buying your customised cakes.’ ‘Eight hundred rupees, bhaiyya, and no less,’ said Rinku. ‘And I’m already feeling really good about it too.’ 

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