They’re only human, after all: Why we should treat our doctors better and more sensitively

From sleep to time with their families, doctors sacrifice a lot to help keep us in good health. The Coach tells us how we should treat them 
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

Doctors! Most of us love them, we can’t live without them (literally), yet we blame them when things go south. Doctors being hassled, usurped, verbally abused or even violently handled isn’t a new thing and what’s worse is, even during this horrible pandemic, they’ve not been spared. It’s never good to be violent with anyone, so, the emphasis today will be on not just doctors, but all primary and secondary medical staff, volunteers and everyone else who has been doing their best to save lives during this pandemic.
The biggest mistake ever made
I’m not saying that all doctors are saints. Yes! I’ve heard of numerous cases wherein the doctor or the attending medical staff have been negligent, rude, with a bad attitude or would have even overcharged the patient unnecessarily. But taking matters into your own hands really doesn’t serve the purpose. There are multiple ways that you can employ to seek disciplinary action or even sue the ones responsible, but by becoming violent, you’re committing one of the biggest mistakes — you are becoming the accused. Thereby, you will lose all your credibility even if you’re right and hence, will lose the case immediately. 
For all that they do, this is what doctors actually deserve:
 Have empathy: 
The top skill that anyone in the world needs right now is empathy. Let me give you a quick example. As I’m typing this, I’ve been suffering from immense tooth pain. I need to get a tooth extracted and I really don’t know why, I fear dentists and only go to one who knows how to handle me well. My dentist is walking the extra mile to come and attend to me during this pandemic, just to help me sleep in peace.
 Poor health, the irony in a doctor’s 
life: The first thing we all need to understand about doctors is that they go all out to look after our health. In most cases, I’ve observed that the doctors themselves have a slew of medical issues because of their highly stressful lives. They take care of others and yet suffer on the very same front. 
 Their personal lives take a hit: Most doctors would be loved by all their patients because of the way they bond with them. But sadly, most doctors don’t get enough time to share the same bond with their own families. 
Mental trauma and stress: Doctors understand the anxiety that exists in the family and friends of the patient. But how many understand the pressure that the doctor is going through? It’s not just one such patient, they are probably handling many such cases and hence, all factors are also multiplied. They have to be available 24x7.
The next time you see doctors being hassled, remember that they’re the superheroes keeping us alive and you become their superhero by doing your best to protect them. Just walk in their shoes and then judge them. Yes, loss of life is a part of life and very tough to accept, but until and unless a doctor has killed a patient knowingly and intentionally, you need to remind yourself of the sacrifices that they’re making to be able to serve you better. 

With Regards 
Adarsh Benakappa Basavaraj
‘The Coach’

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