There is no room for self doubt explains the trainer Nicholas Francis

This is specifically significant for the youngsters who are entering the career development process of their lives
Trainer Brainer | Pic: Express
Trainer Brainer | Pic: Express

There is a saying that self-doubt leads to self-sabotage. Yes, it is true in every sense of the word. If you are not moulded to handle self-doubt in life, then you will have to pay the price for it. This is specifically significant for the youngsters who are entering the career development process of their lives. They are bound to encounter considerable bouts of self-doubt, which is normal and even inevitable. Yet, they can’t afford to remain and act like ‘Doubting Thomas’ and be the very reason that halts their own professional journey due to indecisiveness.

As a human resource mentor, I have seen many youngsters behaving very timidly in times when they have to be assertive and emphatic. On interacting with many of them, I have come to a reasonable conclusion that their actions are such because they inwardly suffer from a very serious quotient of self-doubt. It is an absolute necessity that they are groomed to sort this matter out as early as possible or else they will have to tread along a very difficult path in their professional journey. 

Self-doubt occurs when you question your abilities and potential on that particular day when you are presented with an opportunity where you have to perform a task. Self-doubt works internally and it affects your external actions and behaviour, which is very visible to all. All that you need to know is that you are certainly not the only one to face it in life, but more importantly you must cope up with it and equip yourself to handle it with care. You need to remember that all great personalities who have achieved success in their lives have had to go through this in varying proportions and have come out of it due to their power of application and the determination to face it head on along with some course correction.

Working to overcome self-doubt can literally emerge as an enriching learning process in your life, which will empower you on a continued basis, towards achieving professional excellence in your career. Face those testing moments with vigour and vibrancy, which is certainly ingrained in you in ample measure to set your career path on a victorious note.

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