The trainer brainer: Declutter before an online class, make a to-do list for what you need to accomplish

Be proactive enough to select, eliminate and put on hold actions that interfere with your career. Declutter before you start to learn something
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

The virtual world has really caught up with our lives much more than we really could have expected it to do. It means a lot to youngsters who have been hooked up with the online method of education and learning. There is so much happening and that too so fast that it keeps them on the run all the time. 
It might not be out of place if we ponder for a moment and ask an important question — whether they have the place in their mind for all the online engagements. It’s all the more important to put across this question to the youth since they are at the threshold of their careers.

As a human resource mentor, I find that many appear disorganised in their way of life, taking in all that comes their way. It can be anything like that of online courses/programmes, learning activities, advice, physical workouts, sandwich learning modules and so on, which makes their day-to-day schedule hectic and clumsy. At times, there is just so much trash in their minds that they are not refreshed to take on something with professional excellence. This stage of mental cluttering brings in a sense of stress and makes them ineffective to realise their goals within a given time frame, especially against the backdrop of online education.

Focus and steadfast commitment to work on professional goals, which includes career education and preparation, is a must for every youth, especially in this competitive world. One chief reason for them to go off track in this aspect could be a ‘cluttered mind’, in which they have so much stacked up that it really pulls them in different directions. As a result, they are not focused and are found to be restless; certainly not a healthy sign in terms of their career development prospects.

I would like to invite the attention of the youth, particularly the youngsters who are working hard to take note of the aspect of ‘mental cluttering’ and take steps to ‘de-clutter’ with confidence. The cluttering could also be a product of worrying about the future, feeling guilty about past performance, among others.

Just Let it go
You should let unwanted thoughts and actions go out of your mind and life

Make a list
You can make a ‘to-do list’ to rank all the actions that you need to accomplish

Remove the mess
The cleaner your surroundings, the better your mind takes on an activity

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