What are the ways to forge lasting relationships at your workplace?

In today's competitive world, knowing how to form and maintain professional bonds can give you the edge
Image for representational purposes only (Pic: Google Images)
Image for representational purposes only (Pic: Google Images)

Relationships in a professional setting have a very critical importance in the aspect of career development for the youth. It is something that is either not taken very seriously or taken for granted. Every career-minded individual, especially the youth and fresh graduates, must be aware of its importance and take steps to build positive relationships with a professional approach for them to become successful in their career.

A professional relationship is an ongoing interaction between two or more persons which is within the framework of industry standards based on ethical and moral grounds. Professional relationships actually give an individual much more space and freedom to blossom out with their talents and confidence to make their work environment enjoyable. 
It is no secret that human beings are naturally social creatures who crave for friendship and relationships; this is also evident in a professional work environment. It is a fact to note that the better the relationship, the better the individual and institutional productivity. Good work relationships are also a great factor to reduce the loss of time, energy and resources that is required to set right an unhealthy scenario in organisations. 

In today’s modern world where technology is at the forefront, let us also recognise that people skills are equally important for the development of organisations and institutions. I must emphasise as a human resource mentor here, that the youth must be conditioned to work on their skill sets to have a fairly good quality of relationship building traits within themselves. Positive relationships in a professional setting can be built if young and fresh graduates take note of the following points:

Develop people skills: The art of managing people through communication and relating to them through interpersonal qualities is a basic step. There must be openness within the individual to have empathy for the other person in whatever situation they are in. Team work is yet another aspect that could contribute to the positive status of people skills.

Devote time to build relationships: Relationships do not happen through magic. There has to be a conscious effort on the part of the youth to devote time to meet with people, to discuss and share with them aspects of professional concern. 

Show respect and appreciation: The professional setting calls for demonstrable qualities of respect to be shown to people. If you are not courteous enough to people in organisations, you will be a misfit in the entire system. When you start to appreciate people within your work environment, you will automatically notice that immense opportunities come your way.

Focus on developing emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence is a magic gel that binds and bonds you to people in your surroundings. When you are not sure as to how you will react or behave to any given situation, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to establish and maintain proper relationships.

Set your boundaries: The key to a successful professional relationship is to set your own boundaries as to your ‘personal matters’ and that of ‘professional matters’. Never mix both in any situation, as it will lead to self destruction. 

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