Your next presentation is going to be far less scary with these go-to pointers

Researched content, good communication and a dose of self-confidence is just about what you need, to prepare for an excellent presentation
Present your ideas with confidence
Present your ideas with confidence

The corporate world today expects employees to have effective presentation skills. This is applicable in almost all sectors, where the quality of presentation and the manner in which it is delivered will matter in terms of the selection of a candidate. You must be conversant with this aspect and work on your skill sets to give a qualitative presentation as and when required. 

A presentation, put in simple terms, is a means to communicate a particular idea or concept and is delivered by a person to any other person or a group. This can be done in a formal or an informal setting, which may include an interview, addressing a group or gathering, meeting up with a higher official, participating in a seminar or conference, representing the company at an event and so on.

As a human resource mentor, I have witnessed many candidates become nervous when they are called to present their ideas in any situation. The youth today are found wanting in this area, especially graduates who are aspiring for higher level positions at various corporate companies.

Presentation skills are not only about communication skills, but have many more aspects linked to it. A presentation is not only essential for placements, but also necessary for starting your own business. The content and logical acumen along with the comfort level of a candidate in handling audio-visual aids is keenly observed  with regard to their presentation skills.

The following points can be taken into consideration to make an effective presentation:

1) Presentation skills require a lot of hard work. The content has to be given a professional dressing by preparing background material so that it can be delivered with excellence.

2) Three basic questions will have to be answered — ‘What to say?’, ‘How to say it?’ and ‘In which order to say it in?’

3) The handling of data and pictures to support the content is very important as this is something that can ‘make’ or ‘break’ a presentation.

4) The skill of holding the attention of the audience with proper communication skills and appropriate body language, armed with a pleasing attitude, is vital.

5) Calming down of the nerves by adding an extra dose of self-belief and self-confidence is essential.

6) It would be advisable if the number of points to be covered are kept as brief as possible, and the content as deep as possible, so that it can be effectively understood by the audience.

7) Personalising the presentation via storytelling and narrating incidents will make it more effective, rather than just reading the text from a print.

8) Presentation of facts and the persuasive mindset will make a presentation powerful. 

9) Never take your audience for granted. If the presentation is customised to their understanding, they will acknowledge it with the right kind of response.

The need to hone one’s presentation skills can never be more vital in the era of increased competition and corporate culture, which sets the demand for the candidates.

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