Telangana junior doctors' indefinite strike for stipends on hold

Furthermore, the association also raised concerns regarding fair admission practices, security issues within government hospitals, inadequate hostel facilities for postgraduates and more
What is happening in Telangana regarding junior doctors?
The strike is on hold for now (Pic: EdexLive Desk + Express)

The issue of delay in disbursal of stipends for junior resident doctors of Telangana flared up yet again and the Telangana Junior Doctors Association, or T-JUDA, had announced an indefinite strike starting today, May 22. This announcement was made on Monday, May 20.

But after T-JUDA members met officials from the government late night on Tuesday, May 21, the association announced that they have placed their strike on hold until further notice.

"Following the submission of a strike notice on May 20, 2024, the Telangana Junior Doctors Association has garnered a positive response from higher authorities regarding the raised demands. Consequently, the scheduled strike will be temporarily suspended pending further communication", said the statement issued by the association.

On May 20, a cohort of doctors met Dr N Vani, Director of Medical Education of Telangana, to discuss the major recurring issues these doctors face.

T-JUDA brought attention to these issues:

- Fair admission practices

- Security issues within government hospitals

- Inadequate hostel facilities

- Delays in constructing essential medical infrastructure

- Lack of basic facilities in several government medical colleges and more

Apart from listing their demands, these doctors brought attention to other issues such as the late disbursement of stipends, and pending stipends for March and April.

According to the protesting doctors, such payments have been consistently delayed.

In December 2023 too, the junior doctors had protested as the second and third-year junior residents were not paid stipends on time.

For now, the strike they had called for has been put on hold.

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