Rain wreaks havoc at IIT Delhi, viral videos show collapse of pillar and walls

Heavy rains devastate IIT Delhi, causing part of a wall and a pillar to collapse. Upon this, there was the flooding of the campus, prompting backlash and infrastructural concerns. IIT Delhi assured students via an official email that all concerns are being addressed
Rain wreaks havoc at IIT Delhi, viral videos show collapse of pillar and walls

While the incessant rain in Delhi has ravaged most parts of the city, the scenario at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi is no exception. Videos shared on social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) depict collapsing walls, fallen pillars, and flooded campus areas. 

However, IIT Delhi was quick to assure students via an official email sent out yesterday, June 28, that they were addressing all concerns. 

Yesterday, the city woke up to the news of the Delhi airport canopy collapse which resulted in one death, eight injuries, and damage to multiple vehicles due to heavy rain. This, along with IIT Delhi and a series of rain-related hazards in the city, dr

ew a slew of criticism from the opposition.

Speaking with Edexlive, a student who is currently staying in Karakoram Hostel, on the condition of anonymity, said, “I was sleeping when it happened in the night, I saw the videos on a WhatsApp group when I woke up, so I forwarded them everywhere“

“The water entered into rooms in the Shivalik Hostel which is located in a low-lying area. The campus drain management system is good which is why logging got cleared soon. The situation is fine now.” he added.

Videos circulating on X, initially shared by a user, named Sanya (@sanyaya_yaya), showed the aftermath of rains at IIT Delhi. Sharing the video, she wrote, “What kind of rain did Delhi get yesterday? This video from IIT Delhi apparently shows the placement cell’s building collapsing.”

Later the videos were shared by multiple people including prominent political figures.

Sharing the video, Surendra Rajput, the National Media Panelist of the Congress Party, took a jibe at the ruling BJP and wrote, “Modi Government does not want to provide employment. So a part of the cell building of IIT Delhi collapsed. Neither jobs will remain nor the building will remain.”

Further, Kanchana Yadav, the National Spokesperson of RJD, said “IIT Delhi placement cell collapsed. It is not just the building collapsing, in Modiji’s language it is called the Prime Minister’s honour being lost.”

Another handle Tanveer Rangrej, who identifies himself as a social activist said, “A part of IIT Delhi’s placement cell building collapsed. Neither jobs nor the building will remain.”

A few other pictures and visuals gathered by Edexlive show the water logging situation all around the campus. The rainwater could be seen entering hostel rooms and premises causing problems with student mobility.

The administration also sent a message through email communication, addressing the issue. It read, “Unprecedented heavy rain has caused flooding in the whole campus....Electricity has been disconnected in some areas due to safety considerations, the same shall be restored as soon as the situation is under control.”

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