LEAKED FUTURES: "Grace marks a deflection to cover up something more sinister," says NEET-UG aspirant

As a series of potential exam paper leaks and mishaps rock the country, aspirants of the NEET-UG, NEET-PG and UGC-NET share their anxieties about their futures
LEAKED FUTURES: "Grace marks a deflection to cover up something more sinister," says NEET-UG aspirant

Aditya Singh from Delhi was attempting the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test - Undergraduate (NEET-UG) 2024 for the third time when his dreams of making it to a government medical institute shattered despite the high score of 646. The NEET-UG 2024 results declared on June 4, ten days before the scheduled date without any prior intimation, stirred numerous controversies as it revealed numerous irregularities and most prominently, the unusual surge in ranks. 

“A 646 score in other years would secure a rank around 7,000, however, this year I have ranked around 33,000. Is it even possible for ranks to jump six to seven times, that to all within the top bracket,” asks Additya alleging that something far more insidious has happened. With 67 toppers this year, an unprecedented event in the National Testing Agency’s (NTA) history, NEET-UG has raised concerns nationwide.

It also is worth noting, that following the NEET-UG controversy, NEET-Postgraduate (PG) and the University Grants Commission - National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET) have also been postponed and cancelled, respectively, due to various irregularities and alleged paper leaks. These issues collectively reflect the failure of the NTA, further driving the Education Ministry to take action and fire NTA Chief Subodh Kumar Singh from his position. 

While critics, the opposition, and the general public have raised concerns about these developments, EdexLive has taken the initiative to connect with affected aspirants and students to gather testimonials regarding the recent disruptions.

Here is what Aditya had to say:

I've put in a lot of effort this year, but it seems to be in vain. In any other year, I would have easily been able to get into a prestigious government medical college. However, this year, even those who scored over 660 would struggle to get into a decent government college.

There is this cluster of toppers from the same centre. At times six, other times two, how is this possible? Nothing seems right. A few coaching institutes I saw were advertising that 700 candidates from their institute scored over 700. I honestly believe that there may be foul play afoot when it comes to these institutes, the National Testing Agency (NTA), the government, and others. They seem to be deflecting attention from all the irregularities by focusing on grace marks, which doesn't make sense.

The authorities have been giving flimsy excuses to justify the inflation of ranks. At one point, they attribute it to the increase in the number of students, and then they blame the reduction of the syllabus. However, all of these explanations sound like a cover-up for something more sinister.

I demand them to answer why the registration window opened again after a month on April 9. They have never opened the registration window twice, so, I want to know, who are these candidates preparing for an exam as intensive as NEET and applying a month later? Also, why are candidates from around the country travelling to Godhra to write their exams? Why are so many reported cases of paper leaks and exam centre in-charges getting caught with cheques? 

I feel like a victim of a scam. None of this could have happened without NTA's involvement. All of these situations combined call for a re-NEET, and I don't understand why that isn't happening. They aren't communicating anything. We are feeling hopeless  unable to study, unable to sleep, unable to do anything  awaiting clarity from the authorities.

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