Actor Vijay's speech for students: Here are 5 highlights

Vijay said while the society had so many qualified doctors, engineers, and lawyers, the need of the hour is for good leaders
Highlights, here
Highlights, here(Pic: IG handle @tvkvijayhqoffl)

Vijay, President, Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam (TVK) and popular actor was present at a felictation ceremony honouring students who aced Class X and XII public exams in Chennai. Here are highlights from his speech

1) The need of the hour is for good leaders, not only in the political field. Because the society already has large number of doctors, engineers and the like, the actor stressed. "If you enter a particular field and if you perform well you can easily achieve the leadership role in the field, he said.

2) He said he wished that politics would be one of the career options in the future and asked students if well-educated individuals should enter politics

3) He stressed the need for students to develop critical thinking to elect good leaders and avoid falling prey to propaganda.

4) "We must take care of our lives and safety through self-control and self-discipline rather than relying on government," he said, adding, "Say no to temporary pleasures, say no to drugs". 

5) He said that the drugs menance worries him as a father as well as a future leader

The actor presented shawls and certificates and awarded diamond-studded earrings to the top three female students in the Class XII public examination.

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