Teachers should be trained to help students spot fake love: Karnataka Women’s Commission

The girl who posed the question hit back, asking why the government inaugurated the programme without first procuring the cups
The chairperson addressing the programme
The chairperson addressing the programme

The Chairperson of Karnataka State Women’s Commission Nagalakshmi Choudhari was puzzled when she saw the talent and knowledge of the ongoing affairs by the girl students of Government Degree College (Autonomous) of Kalaburagi on Thursday, June 27.

The interaction session was jointly organised by Government Degree College (Autonomous), Karnataka State Women’s Commission and Women and Child Welfare Department at Government degree College on June 27, stated a report by The New Indian Express.

When the session began after the inaugural speech by Nagalakshmi Choudhary, a student wanted to know how the Women’s Commission will help Pavitra Gowda, who is one of the accused in the murder case of Renukaswamy and the family members of the deceased.

Nagalakshmi Choudhary who took some minutes to answer, found a way by saying that she could not answer to the issues which were before the court and as far as the help to the family members of the deceased is concerned, she would speak with the concerned department.

Another student Sujata said that, though everybody advises to approach the police station for injustice and discrimination, in reality, people, especially women fear to approach the police and she is not an exception to it.

Answering the query, another police officer advised to face these challenges without any fear. "If anybody faces problems or harassments in police stations, they can scan the QR code which is exhibited in all police stations and lodge an online complaint against the police," she said.

To another question from the same girl, she said that chapters on sex education are a must in school and college books. Teachers should be trained on how to teach lessons on sex education and how to help students see through fake love. She also said that the government is teaching girls and women about good and bad touch.

Apart from this there should be lessons on rights and duties of girls and women in texts, Nagalakshmi said and added that she would be writing about this to the government.

Another girl student wanted to know if the government would distribute ‘menstrual cups’ to women and girls, to which the Deputy Director of Women and Children Welfare Department answered that tenders have been invited to supply menstrual cups and these cups would be procured from the donation of philanthropists and would later be distributed.

The girl who posed the question hit back, asking why the government inaugurated the programme without first procuring the cups.

Another student wanted to know whether the five guarantees, implemented by the government have become a burden to the government, to which Choudhari said that most of the guarantees including Shakti and Gruhalakshmi were aimed at empowering women and it is the duty of the government to empower women folk on priority.

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