High chance of re-exam: Kapil Gupta of NEETprep addresses NEET-UG issues in new video

"There are very good chances that the Supreme Court might order the exam to be conducted again. If that happens, you must be prepared," says Kapil Gupta, CEO, NEETprep
Screenshot from NEETprep video
Screenshot from NEETprep videoYouTube channel: youtube.com/@NEETprep

In a recent YouTube video addressed to the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test - Undergraduate (NEET-UG) aspirants, Kapil Gupta, CEO of NEETprep, provided insights and predictions about significant changes expected in the NEET examination process by 2025. 

"The 2025 aspirants, please focus on your studies because there will be a 100% significant difference in the quality of the paper and the steps of exam conduction," Gupta assured in the video titled "Anti-Cheating Law, ReNEET? What Should NEET 2024 & NEET 2025 Aspirants DO?"

He also noted that the government is likely to take substantial steps to prevent recurring issues in the examination and enhance the quality of the NEET exam paper, which Gupta criticised as currently being of "extremely bad quality" that brings embarrassment on an international level.

Gupta also highlighted the recent implementation of the anti-cheating law, which imposes stringent penalties on those caught cheating, including up to seven years of imprisonment and hefty fines. 

He proposed several structural reforms to improve the examination system:

  • Two-step exam process: Conducting exams at the state level first and then at the national level to reduce the burden on a centralised system.

  • Online exams: To make it easier to control and monitor cheating and to allow multiple testing opportunities.

  • Constitutional status for the exam-conducting body: Similar to the Election Commission, to ensure the integrity and authority of the body overseeing the exams.

  • Good quality question papers: Ensuring the questions are of a high standard and free from errors.

Additionally, Gupta also addressed the current situation where the Supreme Court is set to make a significant decision on July 8 regarding the NEET exam. He urged students not to waste their time and to be prepared for any outcome. 

"There are very good chances that the Supreme Court might order the exam to be conducted again. If that happens, you must be prepared,” he says.

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