Over 12,600 complaints received on violence against women in 2024 so far: National Commission for Women report

The report further disclosed that Uttar Pradesh had registered the highest number of complaints this year involving harassment and domestic violence
NCW report
NCW report(Source: EdexLive Desk)

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has received more than 12,600 complaints so far this year, according to a PTI report.

Uttar Pradesh registers highest number of complaints
It further mentioned that in the country, Uttar Pradesh registered the highest number of complaints. 

The majority of these complaints, totalling 3,107, fall under the right to dignity category, which involves harassment other than domestic violence.

The complaints regarding domestic violence followed suit with around 3,544 complaints registered.

What numbers did the data further reveal?
According to the data, there were reportedly: 

- 1,957 complaints of dowry harassment

- 817 complaints of molestation

- 518 complaints of police apathy towards women

- 657 complaints of rape and cases of attempted rape
- 493 complaints of sexual harassment

- 339 complaints of cybercrime

- 345 complaints of stalking 

- 206 complaints of honour crimes

The data further revealed that Uttar Pradesh reported the highest number of complaints at 6,470, followed by Delhi at 1,113 and Maharashtra at 762.

Other states with notable numbers of complaints include Bihar with 584, Madhya Pradesh with 514, Haryana with 506, Rajasthan with 408, Tamil Nadu with 301, West Bengal with 306, and Karnataka with 305.

In total, the NCW registered 28,811 complaints related to women in 2023.

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