Great news for LGBTQIA+ members: Thailand Parliament passes marriage equality bill!

This legislation passed on June 18 will now make Thailand the third country in Asia, after Taiwan and Nepal, to allow same-sex marriage.
Thailand passes marriage equality bill
Thailand passes marriage equality bill(Source: EdexLive Desk)

Today, Tuesday, June 18, Thailand's Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve a marriage equality bill, making the country the first in Southeast Asia to enact such a law. The bill passed with 130 out of 152 senators in favour, four against, and 18 abstaining, reported PTI.

Bill awaits King's endorsement
The bill now awaits pro forma endorsement by King Maha Vajiralongkorn and publication in the Government Gazette, which will make it effective within 120 days of its passing in the Parliament.

This legislation will make Thailand the third place in Asia, after Taiwan and Nepal, to allow same-sex marriage.

What changes will the bill allow?
The Marriage Equality Bill will grant full legal, financial and medical rights to marriage partners of any gender. This was previously passed by the House of Representatives before the previous Parliamentary session concluded in April.

The bill further amends the existing Civil and Commercial Code to change the words, "men and women" and "husband and wife" to "individuals and marriage partners".
Thailand is known for its acceptance and inclusivity, yet has faced decades of difficulty in passing a marriage equality law.

Despite this reputation, Thai society largely holds conservative values and members of the LGBTQ+ community report facing daily discrimination.

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