Proposal to reduce internship duration for FMGs under consideration by NMC?

According to the report, to reduce the internship period a six-month practical skill examination will be held to assess the progress of these FMGs
FMGs Internship
FMGs Internship(Source: EdexLive Desk)

The National Medical Commission (NMC) is finalising a policy to introduce a six-month practical skill examination for Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs). The objective is to assess the clinical skills of FMGs through this practical exam, and upon passing, the NMC will waive the remaining internship tenure of their Compulsory Rotatory Medical Internship (CRMI), according to a report by the Times of India (TOI).

According to the TOI report, this proposed policy aims to provide a compromise for FMGs, previously disheartened by the NMC's June 7, 2024, circular suggesting a 12-month extension to the existing internship tenure.

As per the notice released, the NMC contended that FMGs cannot use the compensatory certificates released by their parent universities for the online classes attended by them as it may jeopardise the nature of the medical profession.

Hence, they not only rejected certificates regarding the compensation/supplementation of online theory subjects/classes with offline practical and clinical training but further ordered that they have to subsequently undergo a CRMI for a period of two/three years (a schedule of 12 months to be repeated).

The notice had visibly upset the FMGs as it would now prolong the duration of their already labourious degree.

According to the TOI report, a spokesperson from the board explained that this is yet to be declared as a fully established policy and is still a viable suggestion placed on the table.

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