Students must develop India via agriculture education: Rajasthan Governor Mishra

During the fifth convocation of the Agricultural University, Governor Mishra awarded 165 graduate degrees, 18 postgraduate degree, three PhD degrees along with eight gold medals to the toppers
Rajasthan Governor Kalraj
Rajasthan Governor Kalraj (EdexLive photo)

Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra said today, Saturday, June 8, that the students should use education to strengthen the country through farmers and the agriculture economy. He called upon the youth to play an important role in Developed India 2047 and also emphasised working by adopting innovation in agriculture.

He said this while addressing the fifth convocation of the Agriculture University in Jodhpur and the inauguration ceremony of the Constitution Park. During the fifth convocation of the Agricultural University, Governor Mishra awarded 165 graduation degrees, 18 postgraduation degrees, three PhD degrees plus eight gold medals to the toppers.

Accepting the global challenges of agriculture with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), the governor expressed the need for agricultural scientists to work on the development of climate-friendly agriculture. Additionally, describing the Constitution as supreme, he called upon people to be aware of their duties along with their rights.

Further, he said, "The country is today rapidly moving towards becoming the world's largest economy. The agricultural sector has a very important role in this. So, the students should participate in the plans for future development of the country through agricultural education," as stated in a report by PTI.

Additionally, he emphasised connecting the youth with the noble Indian life values in the context of the pictures engraved on the original copy of the Constitution. He also stressed running such training programmes in the university which make the youth job providers rather than job seekers.

By saying that agriculture is the main basis of the economy, he said commercialisation and the desire for more production made the agricultural sector unprofitable in all respects.

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