NEET-PG: Why double shifts, score normalisation has baffled candidates

NBEMS reschedules NEET-PG to August 11 in two shifts, causing student confusion over normalisation and last-minute changes
Why are they worried?
Why are they worried?(Pic: EdexLive Desk)

The National Board of Examinations In Medical Sciences (NBEMS) on Friday, July 5, announced the fresh date for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Postgraduate (NEET-PG). The exam is scheduled for August 11 in two shifts. 

“In continuation of the NBEMS notice dated 22.06.2024, the conduct of the NEET-PG 2024 examination has been rescheduled. The NEET-PG 2024 will now be on August 11, 2024, in two shifts," the notice stated.

To recall, On June 23, the exam was postponed 12 hours before the exam was scheduled as a "precautionary measure" amid all the allegations on the integrity of the competitive exams.

While a few students are worried about the shifts and the process of normalisation that will be applied, the NBEMS President Dr Abhijat Sheth, on July 5, speaking with ANI, tried to clear students’ worries. 

“Yes, we have decided to conduct NEET-PG on August 11 in two shifts. Students should not worry about the two-shift examination because it applies to most of the other exams in the country that are taken in the shifts,”  he said.

“This is a standard technique for conducting the exams not only in the country but around the globe. The standard normalisation ratio will be applied in two shifts. I don’t see any problem with this issue. The students should not worry about this. The steps have been taken in the best interest of the students, and we will ensure that the logistics of the examination will be improved,” he further added.

In the meantime, a few aspirants people took to social media platform X and disregarded the last-moment move.

A user, Prajna Anirvan (@PrajnaArnivan) wrote, “I belong to the batch which had to face #normalisation - an enigma which I fail to comprehend. NEET-PG was conducted over 7 days then. No matter whatever the explanation, this is unjust. Was happy that subsequent batches didn't have to face this. It seems the horror's back again!”

Dr S Dwivedi of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), speaking with PTI, said, “The exam will now be conducted in two shifts. Making such changes just ahead of the exam is not in favour of the students which creates anxiety among them. This is the second time such a change has been announced. Two months before, the time-bound section pattern was introduced”

Dr Dhruv Chauhan (@DrDhruvchauhan), National Council coordinator of the Indian Medical Association - Junior Doctors' Network (IMA-JDN) said, “Earlier people were confused about the release of NEET PG dates. Now they are confused about the “Two Shifts” in exam. Exams are temporary, Confusion is permanent.”

“Everytime NBEMS aims to provide some clarity to aspirants, it ends up creating more confusion than before. 'Anxiety kayam rahe' seems like the motto of NBEMS.Hopefully, a clarification to this won't take as much time as it did for releasing the date”, criticised another user, Dr Harshavardhan Parija (@theHarsha025). 

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