FMGE paper leak row: Are last-minute "fake" rumours leading to uncertainty among students?

Rumours of an FMGE paper leak on Telegram led to anxiety among students. NBEMS confirmed the claims as false, ensuring the exam's integrity
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Rumours of a paper leak of the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) conducted by the National Board of Examination in Medical Science (NBEMS) created a frenzy today, July 5, among students. The Kerala Police reported that question papers along with answer keys were being sold on the instant messaging platform Telegram, but this news was rubbished as "fake" by NBEMS.

President of NBEMS, Dr Abhijat Sheth, in an exclusive interview with The Indian Express, clarified that the claims were “fake” and that the integrity of the FMGE has not been compromised. The exam will be conducted as scheduled.

Later the NBEMS, through a release, also cautioned the students that individuals are "fraudulently" trying to deceive the students. 

“Please be apprised that the question paper for tomorrow FMGE is still under preparation”, noted the release, ruling out any possibilities of paper leaks.

However, the uncertainty worried students as it came just one day before the scheduled exam date, July 6. 

Amid all the alleged claims and clarifications, the unpredictability of tomorrow's exam at this moment is taking a toll on students. Also, these come amidst an already hostile environment of reported irregularities in several other national-level examinations.

“The conflicting statements from the authorities add to the confusion and stress among aspirants. In an already tense environment, clarity and transparency are crucial. If Dr. Seth asserts that the claims are fake, NBEMS must provide concrete evidence to back this up to reassure the students. Without transparency, these contradictions can erode trust further,” shared Dr Sumaira Ahmed, General Secretary of All India Medical Students' Association - Foreign Medical Student’s Wing (AIMSA - FMSW)

They have also raised questions on the credibility of the NBE. “The trust factor in NBE’s processes is likely to take a significant hit following this incident. Transparency and accountability are key to maintaining the credibility of any examination body. In light of these allegations, NBE must take immediate steps to restore confidence by conducting thorough investigations and implementing stringent measures to prevent future leaks,” said Dr Sumaira.

“This situation could lead to widespread disillusionment and frustration among aspirants who may feel their hard work has been devalued," she continued, citing the unfair advantage few students would get if the claims were true.

Several people also took cognisance of the issue and took to X (formerly Twitter) to express their worries. 

A user, Dr Parth Mode (@modh_parth), wrote, “Why these institutional telegram groups are not blocking these scammers. They are providing proofs like it's totally legal and you are the one who is missing out. Please don't fall into these traps.”

Another user (@Medix_Rahul85) commented, “This government cannot conduct an exam properly. Another paper burst. FMGE paper to be sold on Telegram tomorrow morning exam.”

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