Don’t sensationalise news for TRP; Ram Nath Kovind tells journalism grads at IIMC 

The former president, who was a key guest at the 55th convocation of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, also spoke about deepfakes, fake news, and misinformation
Pic Credit: EdexLive
Pic Credit: EdexLive

Today, January 10, Wednesday, former president Ram Nath Kovind advised journalism students to avoid sensationalising news to increase television rating points, popularly known as TRPs. He claimed that these trends have been detrimental to journalistic standards.

Speaking at the 55th convocation of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Kovind also mentioned the challenges that paid news, deepfakes, misinformation, and fake news present to the media, PTI reports.

"Any mischief maker sitting in any corner of the world can spread fake news in the social media space. By the time we realise that certain information is incorrect and spread with mal intention, the damage has been done to the society," he said.

Journalists must ensure that the citizens get correct news and information, says Kovind.

"You are stepping into the world of journalism when technology is witnessing rapid changes. Every change brings about several possibilities and challenges. We have to guard against the misuse of new technology," Kovind said.

The former president said the media resorting to sensationalisation of news for higher TRPs has emerged as a big challenge.

"Such tendencies are proving to be harmful to journalistic standards,” he said, urging the newly minted future journalists to stay away from such practices and uphold journalistic standards.

The IIMC students from Delhi and its centres in Dhenkanal, Aizawl, Amravati, Kottayam, and Jammu, belonging to the 2021-22 and 2022-23 batches received postgraduate (PG) diploma degrees during the convocation.

Additionally, 65 students from the two batches were awarded various medals.

Also, attending the occasion at Bharat Mandapam were faculty members from all the institute centres, Director General Anupama Bhatnagar, and IIMC Chairman R Jagannath.

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