Know more about CRIF High Mark Credit Bureau and its significance

You can Check Credit Score and download your credit report from CRIF High Mark to be more aware of the possibilities of availing credit products at the time of need
On credit score and more | (Pic: Sourced)
On credit score and more | (Pic: Sourced)

CRIF High Mark is an RBI-licensed credit bureau that offers credit information services to its customers across the nation. The Centre for Research in International Finance (CRIF) High Mark offers information and analytical services and solutions to various private and public sector banks, NBFCs, insurance companies and telecommunication services providers and so on. 

The credit bureau is India’s first full-service credit information bureau that offers credit information services to retail consumers, microfinance borrowers, and Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) and commercial borrowers.

The primary function of CRIF High Mark is to provide credit information services, such as generating consumer credit reports and credit scores for individuals, as well as the company’s credit report and credit rank for businesses and enterprises. These credit reports are available for individual consumers, commercial entities and segments of microfinance borrowers. 

You can Check Credit Score and download your credit report from CRIF High Mark to be more aware of the possibilities of availing credit products at the time of need.

CRIF High Score and its significance CRIF High Score is a three-digit numeric that is calculated and generated by the credit bureau that helps banks or lenders know about your creditworthiness and repayment capacity. 

The credit score is a statistical number that ranges from 300 to 900 and is generated, as per the consumer credit information provided by the lending banks and NBFCs to CRIF High Mark every month. Any score above 700 or close to 900 depicts you as a credit-responsible borrower and makes lenders comfortable in offering credit products at competitive interest rates with additional benefits.

CRIF High Mark Credit Report Your CRIF credit report is a detailed summary of your credit profile that contains your credit score and details of your personal information, such as name, ID number, date of birth and so on. It also contains your credit information related to your current and past credit accounts and a record of recent credit enquiries. 

CRIF High Mark has to provide one free credit report every year to applicants who want to know their credit score. However, you may have to pay a fee if you intend to get regular updates every month. You can download your credit report free of cost from various available online platforms. 

What is a Blank CRIF Credit Report? If in case CRIF High Mark is unable to locate your data in its database with the entered details, you shall be marked as NH meaning No History that is often termed as a Blank CRIF Credit report. Below stated are specific numeric termed as exclusion codes that have relevance in your credit report. Make sure these exclusion codes do not appear on your credit report to have a clean and healthy credit report. 

For Consumers:

Exclusion Code



Issued to individuals who operate more than 50 active accounts


Issued to individuals whom CRIF was unable to classify


Issued to individuals who have no previous credit history but have given guarantee for a loan


Issued to individuals whose adequate credit history is not available


Issued to individuals whose all accounts are closed before 36 months and have not taken any fresh loan in the past 36 months from the date of inquiry


Is issued when there is not enough consumer information available


Is issued when there is no update received against an individual in the past 36 months

Availing funds with a low credit score could be a challenging task, so try maintaining your CRIF credit score above 700 to enhance the chances of loan or credit card approvals. If you don’t have a high credit score, you should make an effort to improve your credit score by dedicatedly following the related measures. 

Also, keep a regular check on your credit report for errors. If there are errors, you should report and resolve them at the earliest. Any minor or major error, if left unchecked or unresolved for long, can drastically lower your credit score. 

It is recommended to contact customer care via call or email to resolve your query or complaint. Keep yourself informed by visiting the official website of CRIF High Mark and checking your credit score online on a regular basis. 

Last, but not the least, while planning to apply for any loan or credit card, do your homework well by checking and comparing all the available credit options available with various lending institutions. 

Knowing your credit score well in advance can help you understand where you stand and what offers are you eligible for. It can assist in reducing your chances of credit application rejection and thus, safeguarding you from a potential fall in credit score.

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