IIM Ranchi's Soul Carnival: A testament to trust, generosity, and social impact

The event also represents a call to action, inviting people from all walks of life to experience the joy of giving, the warmth of community, and the potential of a trust-based economy
IIM Ranchi | (Pic: IIM Ranchi)
IIM Ranchi | (Pic: IIM Ranchi)

In a departure from the traditional perception of business schools as bastions of profit, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi is proud to announce the launch of the Soul Carnival. 

This event promises to redefine the ethos of business leadership and community engagement. Scheduled for February 18, Sunday, this pioneering initiative is organised by IIM Ranchi's Social Impact Committee and Happiness Centre, underscoring the institution's commitment to nurturing leaders who are as compassionate as they are competent.

At its core, the Soul Carnival celebrates the human spirit, embodying the principles of trust, generosity, and collective welfare. 

The event invites students to set up and manage a variety of stalls, ranging from mouth-watering food offerings like pancakes and lemonades to engaging game booths such as darts and ring toss. 

However, what sets this year's Soul Carnival apart is reliance on the Trust Economy model – a radical yet resonant approach where transactions at stalls are not fixed by price tags but are left to the discretion and generosity of patrons; the birth of this revolutionary concept was inspired by service space movement of kindness and generosity happening globally.

The Soul Carnival aims to showcase individuals' inherent goodness and trustworthiness in a world often marred by scepticism and transactionality. 

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