MGAHV student on hunger strike hospitalised; more students expelled

Students have also shared that they allegedly feel unsafe on the campus at the moment  
An update, here | (Pic: EdexLive)
An update, here | (Pic: EdexLive)

In a recent development coming in from Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University (MGAHV), based in Wardha, Maharashtra, Vivek Mishra, a student protesting outside the college because of "unclear" suspension orders, was hospitalised yesterday, February 7, at around 10.30 pm. He was protesting for the past seven days and was on a hunger strike for nearly four days. And through it all, a few students, who are also friends of Vivek, have been showing solidarity with his cause by dropping by his protest site whenever they can. 

While other college students stood in solidarity and protested with 21-year-old Vivek, they also had to face the repercussions. Jatin Choudhary, an Arts student at MGAHV, is one such individual.

After showing his solidarity with Vivek on February 7, chaos ensued, which included security guards barging into Jatin's room looking for him. Though Jatin wasn't present, other students took note of the situation and raised an alarm. It was then that Jatin found out he had been expelled. 

Jatin's expulsion order stated, “Given the indecency, violence, anarchy and actions taken against teachers, officers and security personnel on January 27, 2024, creating an obstruction in administrative work and spreading fear and unrest, Mr Jatin Choudhary, Graduate Programme, Japanese Session. 2021-24 is expelled from the University with immediate effect.”

The guards started allegedly attacking Jatin and the students in various ways. But Jatin informs that it wasn't just because of his solidarity with Vivek that he was expelled. He alleges there are other reasons behind it.

The issue dates back  
An untoward event took place on January 30. Students of MGAHV organised an event on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's Death Anniversary. It is alleged that on that day, an estimated 30 to 40 students were participated and were reprimanded for the same. “This is most likely because we supported Vivek Mishra and were against his suspension order issued on January 27,” said Jatin, the 21-year-old student. 

Following this, when students questioned the authorities regarding the misbehaviour, they were allegedly threatened. 

Furthermore, when EdexLive reached out to another student, Dinesh Rajpourohit, who was also present during yesterday’s incident, said, “We had informed higher authorities about the death anniversary event, then why did make a ruckus?"

On a note of conclusion, Dinesh said, “I don't feel safe on the campus anymore.”

Exams start tomorrow at MGAHV college, the admit cards of a few students, like Jatin Choudhary and Vivek Mishra, have been deleted from the website, they allege. 

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