ETS announces TestReady,  new prep platform for TOEFL aspirants; more details here!

The new platform will now provide a variety of new products and features in one cohesive portal, and users can also track their progress simultaneously

Educational Testing Service (ETS) announced today, Wednesday, February 7, an innovative, first-of-its-kind test prep platform for learners preparing for the Test of English as a Foreign Language, Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT ®). 

To elevate test takers to their highest proficiency, TOEFL ® TestReady™ cements itself as the only comprehensive test prep platform currently available that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer personalised insights and targeted recommendations, for a high-stakes English-language test to study or work abroad. 

What are the latest features of TOEFL TestReady?

TOEFL TestReady combines existing official TOEFL iBT prep offerings with a variety of new products and features in one cohesive portal.

New free offerings include:
1) Scored activity of the day: A fully scored question set or task (for example, a listening lecture + six questions)
2) Personalized prep plan: A customised journey with a recommended timeline for preparation based on learners’ unique needs
3) Videos, courses, books, tips, progress tracking and more

New paid offerings include:
1) Section Tests: Scores and insights upon completion of a full test section (Reading, Listening, Speaking or Writing)
2)  Section Practice: Feedback and insights at the question/task type (for example, Integrated Speaking) and feature (e.g., grammatical accuracy) level within a specific test section; also includes example responses
3) Focused Practice: Feedback and insights on one question/task type (for example, complete multiple Integrated Speaking tasks)

New platform to provide user-based insights

The platform is uniquely designed to bring all of a test taker’s performance metrics together and offer targeted recommendations and insights that help them close their individual skills gaps while tracking their progress. 

Targeted insights help learners focus their time and prepare more effectively and efficiently – enabling them to meet their goals faster than ever. In addition, initial research has found the better one’s performance in TOEFL TestReady, the more likely they’ll be to achieve a higher TOEFL iBT score.

“The unveiling of TOEFL TestReady is important not only because it addresses a need we’ve heard directly from our test takers, but because we designed this with them as well,” said Rohit Sharma, SVP of Global Higher Education and Workskills, ETS. 

“Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback and data we’ve collected to date, we’re confident that learners will find this platform to be an invaluable part of their testing experience,” he adds.

How can users access the portal?

Test takers who have already created a TOEFL iBT account to register for a test or have engaged with the TOEFL Go! app can use their login credentials at to access the portal. 

Test takers new to TOEFL can create an account at the same link to begin their test prep journey. For general information about what TOEFL TestReady has to offer, visit

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