IIM Ranchi's fest RUSH 2024 concludes with singer Jubin Nautiyal's concert 

The concert was a perfect way to end the event, as the participants and the spectators celebrated their success and enjoyed the music
Jubin Nautiyal at RUSH 2024 | (Pic: IIM Ranchi)
Jubin Nautiyal at RUSH 2024 | (Pic: IIM Ranchi)

The third and final day of RUSH 2024, the flagship annual cultural and sports fest of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi, on February 4, Sunday, was a day of celebration and joy, as the participants and the spectators witnessed some spectacular performances and a sensational concert. 

The day was filled with competitions like solo dance and group dance, and the finals of sports events such as volleyball, basketball, cricket, and football. The whole event ended with a sensational concert by Jubin Nautiyal, one of the most popular playback singers in the country.

The cultural events started with Boogie Woogie, the solo dance competition, where talented dancers from different colleges showcased their moves and grooves. The participants entertained the audience with their expressions and energy. 

Fire-Feet Ensemble, the group dance competition, attracted teams from different colleges to perform choreographed routines and formations.

The sports events were equally exciting, as the finalists of various games competed for the glory and the trophy. The matches were close and competitive, as the teams displayed their skills and strategies. 

The day concluded with a concert by Jubin Nautiyal, who rocked the stage with their amazing songs and music. The crowd sang and cheered along, as Nautiyal played some of their hit tracks and new releases.

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