'Almirah of Honesty': UP Teacher devises a way to instill honesty in children using fear of God

The principal said that the students could buy stationery items from the cupboard and pay according to a list kept by the box with an idol of Lord Ganesha
Representational Image. (Pic: Unsplash)
Representational Image. (Pic: Unsplash)

To instill a sense of honesty amongst children from a young age, a school in Uttar Pradesh's Baghpat has set up an 'Almirah of Honesty', which is a cupboard filled with stationery items. The students are encouraged to purchase these items and then make payment to the idol of Lord Ganesha kept there, as per an IANS report.

'Almirah of Honesty'

Principal of Growell Public School for Girls in Badaut town in Baghpat, Kamaldeep Jinda,l told IANS that the purpose of the 'Almirah of Honesty' is to instill a sense of honesty among children through fear of God. 

He further adds that the price list is kept by the box, where students make payment by putting money inside the box which is kept near the idol.

He said, "It has been running for the past 10 days and every day, the box receives anywhere between Rs 300 and Rs 500. There are no CCTV cameras to monitor the transactions.”

So far, no discrepancies found

He further added that a regular inventory check is carried out and so far, they have not found any discrepancies rather, they find extra money in the box.

"The Ganesha idol serves as a manager who looks like an accountant, creating the impression that the Lord is the facility’s owner, and students remain sincere towards it," adds Jindal.

The students buy pencils, watercolours, compasses, and other stationery items and put the money in the piggy bank kept adjacent to the idol, she said.

When asked about the reaction of non-Hindu students by IANS, the principal responded that they are focused on the spiritual development of children, with no particular religion involved. He adds, "We have a Santa Claus at our reception and a statue of Lord Buddha on the premises.”

Principal Jindal emphasises that the school teaches students tenets of all religious texts and also encourages them to respect all religions. 

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