Law: New, attractive and emerging streams for students — Cybersecurity, bioethics and more

Always remember, in a globalised economy, international trade and investment law have become critical
Here are the options | (Pic: EdexLive)
Here are the options | (Pic: EdexLive)

Experts say that many new law streams are emerging and students have yet more options to choose from. "They are not separate law streams, but an amalgamation of different laws for application in a particular industry," Abhineet Maurya, a student at the National Law University (NLU) Delhi explains.

According to Dr V Balakista Reddy, Professor and Dean, School of Law, Mahindra University, Telangana, the top five emerging law fields are:

1. Technology and Cybersecurity Law - With the increasing importance of technology and the growing cyber threats, students are showing a strong interest in technology and cybersecurity law. This field covers legal aspects related to data privacy, intellectual property, cybersecurity regulations, and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

2. Environmental and Energy Law - Environmental concerns and sustainability have gained prominence globally. As a result, students are increasingly drawn to environmental and energy law. This field focuses on legal issues related to environmental protection, climate change, renewable energy, and natural resource management.

3. Healthcare Law and Bioethics - The healthcare industry is complex, with evolving legal and ethical challenges. Students are opting for healthcare law and bioethics courses to understand the legal aspects of healthcare delivery, patient rights, medical research ethics, and healthcare regulations, especially in light of global health crises.

4. Sports and Entertainment Law - The sports and entertainment industries continue to grow, offering lucrative career opportunities. Students are drawn to this field to learn about contracts, intellectual property, and the unique legal challenges in the world of sports, entertainment, and media.

5. International Trade and Investment Law - In a globalised economy, international trade and investment law have become critical. Students are pursuing this course to understand international trade agreements, dispute resolution, and investment regulations, as well as to prepare for careers in international business and trade law.

Besides these, fields like fashion law, shipping law, mining law, real estate law and immigration law are also emerging. "Law offers multiple options. It is no longer limited," Prof Faizan Mustafa, Vice-Chancellor of Chanakya National Law University, Patna, concludes.

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