Delhi's World Book Fair to have dedicated children's stage, Bal Manch: National Book Trust

The NBT said that aligned with the NEP 2020 objectives, the fair will prioritise the provision of books in a wide array of languages for children
New Delhi World Book Fair 2020 | Pic: Express
New Delhi World Book Fair 2020 | Pic: Express

Today, February 2, the National Book Trust of India (NBT) said that a dedicated children's stage is being set up in Delhi for the upcoming New Delhi World Book Fair. Giving more details, the trust said, “It will feature renowned storytellers, poets, and authors from across the country who will engage young minds with captivating and inspirational tales."

The World Book Fair is scheduled to be held from February 10 to 18 at Pragati Maidan. Further, the NBT said that alongside technological advancements, children are displaying a notable interest in exploring diverse literary genres, including fantasy stories, Panchatantra tales, imaginative and short stories, science, moral education, and narratives from the mystical world, along with comics and short novels. “Engaging with such varied content not only enhances their intellectual capacity but also plays a crucial role in the development of their writing skills,” NBT said.

Initiative aims

It is said that this initiative aims to foster a love for reading and contributes to the holistic growth of children. The NBT said that this year, the world's largest book fair will specifically highlight the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020's emphasis on enhancing children's language skills by concentrating on the advancement of 'listening, speaking, writing, and reading', IANS reported. 

Giving more details, the NBT said, “The New Delhi World Book Fair is set to arrange a series of engaging activities for children, including creative sessions, workshops, and competitions. The dedicated children's stage, known as the Bal Manch, will be the focal point for various contests, including story writing, essay writing, news writing, drawing, and more."

Additionally, the NBT said that aligned with the objectives of the National Education Policy 2020, the New Delhi World Book Fair will prioritise the provision of books in a wide array of languages for children. “The fair will go beyond monolingual offerings by ensuring the availability of bilingual books and a collection of trilingual books. This initiative aims to cater to the linguistic diversity of children, fostering inclusivity and facilitating access to literature in multiple languages,” the NBT said.

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