JNU: Police arrest one accused in kidnapping, molestation case on campus

The police said that the search operation is on to arrest the rest and they are trying their best to safeguard the security of the campus
Picture Courtesy: TNIE
Picture Courtesy: TNIE

The Delhi Police on Wednesday, June 7 arrested one of the four accused related to the recent incident of attempted kidnapping and harassment of a female student at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus. 

The Delhi Police officials further said that the other three accused have already been identified and the search is ongoing to nab them as soon as possible. 

"One of the accused in the JNU molestation case has been arrested. The other three accused have been identified. Although those three accused are being searched. The arrested accused is an engineering student, although he is not a student of JNU," said Delhi Police officials, according to ANI.

The District Commissioner of Police (DCP), South West Manoj C said that they have received two complaints from the JNU students, one regarding physical assault and another regarding molestation and attempted kidnapping. He also said that the cases have been registered and the accused in both the cases and their vehicles have been identified. 

JNU advisory, what does it say?

According to an advisory issued by JNU, it has taken serious note of the incident and a police complaint has been lodged. "JNU Administration has been closely coordinating with the police in the process of investigation. It has recommended the strictest punishment for perpetrators of the crime," read the advisory.

The students' body, Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union (JNUSU), alleged that few men in a car entered the campus and attempted to assault and tried to kidnap students.

The incident happened Tuesday night, June 6 and the JNUSU demanded that the Delhi Police arrest the perpetrators immediately as it is extremely threatening to the security maintained in the campus. 

Meanwhile, JNU urged the residents to intimate the security branch or the police in case of any information.

"In case of any information related to this incident, residents are advised to immediately contact the security branch (011-26742878, 011-26704742) or the police," it read.

Administration's claims to improve safety

Meanwhile, the administration is taking several steps to maintain the security of the campus residents in JNU. "Various steps to improve the security of the Campus residents are being taken up by the WU administration. It reiterates its resolve to make the Campus zero tolerance towards any form of violence and remains committed to providing a safe and secure environment to all residents, While the investigation is going on, it is requested that all stakeholders remain vigilant," it read.

The advisory also read that the safety of women on the campus is our top priority and the JNU administration is committed to stringent enforcement of the law dealing with sexual harassment in any form or by anyone.

"Strict action will be taken against the culprits who are found to have indulged in such misconduct. All the stakeholders are requested to cooperate with the JNU administration to ensure a safe and secure campus. This issue with the approval of the Competent Authority," the advisory read. 

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