Kerala school comes up with 'Laughing Bell' to help relieve students from tensions

"When this idea had come up for discussion in the staff meeting, some of us had raised some doubts about the impact," said the headmistress
Pic credits: Edex Live
Pic credits: Edex Live

Missing homework would be a problem for some. Some would be expecting low marks in the examination when mark sheets would be given. This tension would take out the joy of learning from these young kids. Knowing this, the teachers and management of Thalakkani G UP School have decided to ring a bell to make the children laugh when the class begins, as stated in a report by The New Indian Express.

Now, the transformation is unbelievable as students have started smiling and waiting for the laughing bell to ring so that they could offload their tension by laughing out loudly, releasing the tension. Every day, the bell rings once after the prayer is over. Then, the students and teachers would raise their hands and would laugh loudly for one minute. 

"When this idea had come up for discussion in the staff meeting, some of us had raised some doubts about the impact. Now, things have really changed here as everybody looks a bit relaxed and learning has become a smooth affair," said Headmistress N Sara of Thalakkani GUP School, near Kottiyur. Most of the students were having some sort of problems as the school had reopened after the COVID-induced restrictions, she said. 

As a few days passed, a staff meeting was convened to discuss the changes to be brought to the minds and attitudes of the students. "It was during one of these discussions that the idea of a laughing bell had come up. Though there was some hesitancy regarding the implementation, it was decided in the end to implement the idea," she said. The idea was implemented in November 2022 and it was an instant hit. Both children and teachers embraced the new changes wholeheartedly. 

"Students come to school from different backgrounds. They would be having different problems at home. But, we have to make them comfortable at the school so that they would be able to follow the lessons taught in the classes," Sara said. "We think, this is for the first time a school has come up with such an idea to release the tensions of the students," she said. With the laughing bell turning out to be a success, she believes that more schools would come up and implement this, as stated in a report by The New Indian Express.

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