Boy beaten mercilessly by school teacher in Uttar Pradesh

The boy's father said that the boy fell unconscious and later, it was found that his elbow was broken 
Picture Courtesy: TNIE
Picture Courtesy: TNIE

Another incident joins the list of recent influx of cases in Uttar Pradesh of mismanagement in schools today, Thursday, September 14, as a case was registered against a school teacher and management committee of a private school here for allegedly thrashing a Class IV student mercilessly, police said on Thursday, September 14, according to PTI.

The complaint was lodged by the father of the boy, and an FIR has been registered against the management committee and teacher of the school located in Nagahar village of Rasra area on Wednesday, September 13, Rasra Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mohammad Faheem Qureshi, said.

The complainant also alleged that the nine-year-old boy was beaten mercilessly by the teacher until he fell unconscious and it was later found that his elbow was broken.

The injured boy was later admitted to the government hospital in Rasra, from where he was referred to the district hospital, as per a PTI report.

According to the complainant, the management committee had allegedly misbehaved with him and also helped the accused teacher escape.

Previous incidents of discrimination
An incident took place on August 25 in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh where a teacher was seen instructing children in the class to slap the student for not doing homework, and making remarks on the boy's religion. This incident had the ethicalities questioned in such schools that run all over the state. It also garnered criticism and condemnation online with several politicians and personalities calling it an act of shame.

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