NMC's notice on FMGs having a break in penultimate year due to COVID, war 

There are several clarifications issued by the National Medical Commission (NMC) in its public notice 
This is what it says | (Pic: EdexLive + NMC)
This is what it says | (Pic: EdexLive + NMC)

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has released a comprehensive clarification through a public notice today, November 22, addressing the issues faced by FMGs, the notice provides detailed clarifications on the way forward.

This is exactly what it says:

For Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) having a break in Penultimate year of study (owing to COVID pandemic or war) and completed FMG course (including examination) in online mode only:

Such students have to undergo two (2) years of clinical clerkship supported by logbook, further authenticated by concerned college authority.

- The Indian Medical College may charge clerkship fee from FMGs maximum upto Rs. 5000/- PM.

- After successful completion of 2 year clinical clerkship and supported by log book followed by authentication from concerned college authority, they will be allowed to begin CRMI which may be done in medical college or any recognized institute .

- Such students at the stage of CRMI, shall be eligible to receive stipend equivalent to the stipend received by IMGs of that college/ Institution.

- Allotment of such students to clinical clerkship or Internship programme will be done through concerned DME and SMC, in
consultation with each other.

- Existing FMGs, if any, already performing internship at present, may be allowed to continue with one year of internship. They may subsequently do one year clinical clerkship and one year internship.

(Thus a total of three (3) years, before obtaining Permanent Registration from concerned SMC)

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