German Consul General proposes student exchange with Andhra Pradesh

German Consul initiated a proposal with the health minister for programmes to enhance a better knowledge transfer including medical student exchange programmes
Picture Courtesy: German Consul
Picture Courtesy: German Consul

The German Consul General in Chennai, Michaela Kuchler on Thursday, May 25 had a conversational exchange with the  Andhra Pradesh Health Minister Vidadala Rajini about the prospects of medical student exchange programme and research linkages between the southern Indian state and Germany, as per PTI. reports.

The German Consul General put forth the proposal to facilitate knowledge exchange and forge deals on implementing yoga and Ayurveda in Germany and bringing the country's medical practices into Andhra Pradesh.

"We are ready to proceed and work with the Andhra Pradesh government, following discussions on the possibilities," said Kuchler in a press note shared by the state government today, May 26.

She emphasised on India's cooperation that was extended during the Coronavirus and also observed that Germany imported antibiotics and surgical goods for the first time from the South Asian country, and for this, she would be grateful to India.

The Consul General highlighted that these imports are still continuing and might open up more possibilities for not only goods exchange but also invaluable knowledge and information. Meanwhile, Health Minister Vidadala Rajini invited German companies to invest in the MedTech zone in the port city of Visakhapatnam.

On the occasion, Kuchler was accompanied by Hyderabad-based German Consul General, Amita Desai.

As the Consul General for Germany in Chennai, Kuchler's area of consular jurisdiction encompasses Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and the Union Territory of Puducherry.

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