Telangana Junior Doctors call off strike for stipend hike after meeting health minister

"As per the assurances given by the official, the process is expected to finish within a week based on CM's availability," said T-JUDA President

Telangana Junior Doctors have called off their strike after meeting Health Minister Harish Rao on May 1. They were protesting for a 15% hike in stipend for interns, PGs (postgraduates) and super-speciality residents which has been pending from January 1, 2023, as claimed by the doctors. 

Giving more details about the meeting with the health minister, President of T-JUDA (Telangana Junior Doctors' Association) Dr Kaushik Kumar Pinjarala, said, "Health Minister Harish Rao assured us about the hike and said the file has been forwarded to the Chief Minister's Office for final approval." 

Confident about the hike?

"With respect towards the minister and considering his assurance, we have called off the strike," Dr Pinjarala added. Further, when asked whether he is confident about the hike, the president of T-JUDA said, "Since the file is in the last stage, we are confident about it." Moreover, he explained that initially, the file will move from the Director of Medical Education (DME) to Health Secretary followed by Financial Secretary, Financial Minister and lastly, it will reach the Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao. 

Therefore, since the file is in the CM's office, the officials from the health department have also assured about the hike. When do they think the order for the hike will be issued? To this, the doctor said, "As per the assurance given by the official, it is expected to conclude within a week, based on CM's availability." 

When EdexLive asked the doctor what would their next step be in case the stipend is delayed, he said, "We will wait till May. Sir (health minister) spoke of us with a lot of confidence, so we haven't thought about what to do next." 

In a press note released by T-JUDA on May 2, 2023, they said, "Junior Doctors have faith in Telangana Government that our issues with regards to stipend hike and pending stipends (march, April) will be solved as soon as possible."

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