SAU protest: Family seeks answers from university regarding Ammar Ahmed's future studies

The university on the other hand has claimed that Ammar's first semester results were withheld and that he has not yet registered for the second semester
South Asian University | (Pic: PTI)
South Asian University | (Pic: PTI)

Will Ammar Ahmad, the first-year MA Sociology student who suffered a seizure and a cardiac arrest after being rusticated by the South Asian University, New Delhi, be allowed to resume his course at SAU once he recovers?

That is a question that has been bothering the family of the student from Bihar. Ammar, who was hospitalised after a seizure on November 22, is now paralysed and requires neurological treatment and physiotherapy. Unable to afford hospital bills, his family is providing him with treatment at a flat they have rented in Delhi. 

"The realities of our struggle are being hidden behind these technicalities. I lost my job, my family has moved here to take care of Ammar. The university does not want to take any accountability. He was under huge stress because of the university's actions. Now, they have also expelled and rusticated other students of the varsity for taking a stand for Ammar," Izan Ahmad, Ammar's brother claims. 

The family has also claimed that they approached the Head of the Department of Sociology at SAU to understand whether he will be able to resume his studies at the varsity after he recovers. "The process of his recovery might take time -- up to six months or a year. However, the HoD never got back to us with an answer," Izan alleges. 

Edexlive reached out to the SAU administration with an inquiry over email about Ammar's future at the university. In its response, the university said, "As per the record of the University's Admissions and Examinations section, his result of the first semester has been withheld by his Department, he has not registered for the second semester and he has not applied for zero semesters. Accordingly, "will he be able to return to his studies" depends as per the University's Rules, Regulations and/or Bye Laws on if and when he reports to the University."

The SAU administration issued notice of rustication to Ammar, along with a few other students, for allegedly participating in the massive protests demanding a hike in Masters and PhD scholarships and student representation in the Internal Complaints Committee last year. Ammar, whose brother says funded his education by taking up part-time content writing jobs, reportedly pleaded with the Registrar to revoke his rustication, but to no avail. Under extreme stress, with his first-semester exam set to begin on November 25, Ammar suffered a seizure on November 22 and was hospitalised. He then suffered a cardiac arrest and was put on ventilator support. The administration, after further protests from the students, revoked Ammar's rustication. "They also told us they will pay his hospital bills," claims Izan. 

However, Ammar's toxicology report found traces of marijuana in his samples, following which his insurance claim was found inadmissible. Then, the administration also allegedly withdrew its undertaking to the hospital that it will clear the bills, leaving the family to pay them. 

One of the students who was allegedly expelled for participating in a protest demanding SAU pay Ammar's hospital bills, Apoorva YK, is now on an indefinite sit-in protest in front of the campus after she was evicted from her hostel on February 25. She was also hospitalised last Sunday complaining of health issues and has been taking treatment at the hospital during the day, and returning to her tent in front of the campus at night to continue her protest.

This story has been updated after a response from South Asian University.

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