Coimbatore launches social media pages to showcase students' hidden talents

Student enrollment will go up at the government schools and parents and students will gain awareness about the school education department, said the official
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

The Coimbatore's district school education department launched an official social media handle named TNSED Coimbatore to showcase government school students' hidden talents. At present, it has created accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, informed an official from district Samagra Shiksha, as stated in a report by The New Indian Express. 

Giving more details, the official said, "As per officials' direction, official social media accounts for district school education department have been created to post about the school education department activities, talents of students and teachers, government scheme and so on." Further, disclosing their future plans, she said, "We have planned to post about the best schools in the district; students who are talented in fields like art, education, sports, training and so on from our official handle. With this, we can showcase government schools' and students' talents to the public." 

"Ahead of this, we will conduct a meeting with the headmasters to explain the role of the school education department," the official added. "Besides, we have planned to appoint staff who have knowledge of social media, to handle social media. Now, we have been strengthening the social media platform technically," she said.

Moreover, she said that through this, student enrollment will increase at the government schools, and parents and students will gain awareness of the school education department's activities, as stated in a report by The New Indian Express.

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