"Christopher Nolan is going to make his next movie on NEXT only!": Reactions to Health Minister's video

A video of the Health Ministry Mansukh L Mandaviya speaking about the NExT exam at AIIMS Raebareli on July 26 has been going viral
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

On July 26, Union Health Minister Mansukh L Mandaviya was speaking about the National Exit Test (NExT) 2023 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rai Bareli. A video clip of the same has been uploaded on Twitter and has been going viral. 

In the video surfacing online, the minister was seen saying, "Just like a law graduate gets his degree from his university, but has to appear for an exam to practice in a court, you will get your MBBS degree from your university, but to get yourself registered for practice, you have to appear for NExT. NExT has two uses — you can get admission to a PG course and can get registration for practice." 

"This exam won't be tougher than NEET. Its merit system of 50 per cent will not harass students. Students who could pass NEET can pass NExT," he adds. 

Dr Mandadiya further says that he doesn't want to conduct separate practicals for NExT. "The university practicals would be considered," he adds. 

The reactions from the medical fraternity, doctors, scholars and students have been pouring in ever since then. 


Reactions on Twitter:
Health Minister said today at AIIMS RAIBARELI that Merit system of #NEXT will not be like Neet (50%) and they will bring it down so that maximum students pass it.
Is this exam really for upgrading quality of Medical Education in this country!!
#MedTwitter kindly give ur opinion

Health minister’s video from AIIMS Rae Bareily suggests - there will be #next for 2019 batch onwards but after internship just like NEETPG but mandatory to pass, with lenient passing marks & no practical #nextexam , my advise to students please continue studying as guidelines will ultimately be one clear but studying is important for all exams - university, NEETPG or next #MedTwitter

NEXT is going to happen as said by Health Minister.
Pattern will change so once again 2019 batch is in dilemma.
Just keep studying guys….this is only option left.
#MedEd #MedTwitter

Better solutions for #NMC #NEXT exam possible for 2019 batch:
(a) NEETPG/NEXT exam Part 1 after internship 2025 meant for PG admission only. No practicals post-internship
(b) NEXT exam part 1 in March 2024 followed by internship then part 2 in 2025. No final year MBBS exam

Newly proposed system by NMC is better than this, only problem is implementation timeline.

Just confusing everyone. I think the Health Minister, @OfficeOf_MM should leave announcements relating to NEXT exam to the authorities conducting the exam. Rest of discussion has to be their internal matter

Sir, the message is still not loud and clear
Students do need to know the future road map with utmost clarity
These are still statements without a written official order, which is awaited URGENTLY
Yes, students should keep studying with full gusto and dedication

Christopher Nolan is going to make his next movie on NEXT only!
Inception is looking simple in front of NEXT!

So basically he wants to make exam difficulty from AIPMT to neet ug shift

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