SC and ST youth in Tamil Nadu can learn to fly drones and start their own businesses with help from Anna University and the government

The University's Centre for AeroSpace Research officials have announced they will begin accepting applications and plan to start the first batch of classes after the Pongal holidays
Representational picture | Pic: EdexLive
Representational picture | Pic: EdexLive

The Centre for AeroSpace Research (CASR) at Anna University, located on the Madras Institute of Technology campus in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, will soon offer free and exclusive classes for SC and ST students to train them in piloting drones. The goal of this initiative is to make these students employable and help them pursue careers in the drone industry.

"The Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing Development Corporation (TAHDCO) approached the CASR with the unique idea to train SC and ST youths," said K Senthil Kumar, director of CASR. The drone sector is booming across the country, and the Tamil Nadu government is widely utilising drones. The drone industry is experiencing rapid growth nationwide, and the government of Tamil Nadu is taking advantage of this trend by using drones extensively. As a result, there is an increasing demand for skilled drone pilots, and the industry offers many job opportunities, he told The New Indian Express.

CASR officials have announced that they are accepting applications and are planning to start the first batch of classes after the Pongal holidays. Each batch will consist of 20 students and will cover training in flying low and medium-weight category drones over a period of 10 days. TAHDCO will also cover the costs of food and lodging for participating students. Upon completing the course, students will be awarded a drone remote pilot license with a validity of 10 years. Both TAHDCO and MIT will provide support and guidance to students in finding employment or starting their own businesses

"CASR will help interested students obtain employment. TAHDCO plans to provide financial aid to help SC and ST youths buy drones," explained a CASR official. Beneficiaries of this program will be able to access Agricultural Drone Financing and Subsidy Schemes, which provide subsidies of up to Rs 2.25 lakh from commercial banks.

Drones are used for a variety of tasks in the agricultural industry, including pesticide spraying, and program participants can also use the state government's Uzhavan App to promote their services. It is worth noting that the Centre for AeroSpace Research (CASR) normally offers drone training courses at a cost of Rs 61,000 per person. The programme is open to SC and ST young people between the ages of 18 and 45, as per a report by The New Indian Express.

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