Blue Nudge blends Environmental Education with AI/VR

The programme's holistic approach extends beyond the classroom, serving as a springboard for students' academic and professional growth
Students of DAV Faribad with Principal Anita Gautam | (Pic: Blue Nudge)
Students of DAV Faribad with Principal Anita Gautam | (Pic: Blue Nudge)

Blue Nudge, an Education to Action (EdAct) platform of Blue Planet Environmental Solution  launched its Environmental Studies Programs. These programmes seamlessly integrate Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies into its teaching methodology, providing students with an immersive and transformative learning experience.

As of now, Blue Nudge has used these augmented reality tools in the Climate Change workshop in DAV Faridabad. Around 30 students (from Class VI to VIII) participated in this unique project. The three-day workshop included an induction/objective session, which gave students deep insights into the atmosphere and planet. In the next two days, the young learners were made aware of pollution-related concerns, with practical engagement

The Environmental Studies Programs are designed for students from diverse backgrounds who share an interest in making meaningful contributions to the fight against climate change. Through a blend of online modules and community engagement activities, these programmes empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become active advocates for a sustainable future.

Harsh Mehrotra, Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Nudge, expressed his enthusiasm about the programme's potential impact, stating, "At Blue Nudge, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to inspire and educate the next generation of environmental leaders. Our programmes go beyond traditional teaching methods, offering students a dynamic and interactive platform to engage with crucial topics like climate change mitigation and sustainable practices. We are excited to contribute to the education landscape by offering a programme that not only educates but also inspires students to actively participate in the global movement for sustainability."

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