Kozhikode college students to launch first 30 e-vehicles developed by 40 students

"Through this project, we are aiming to revolutionise the waste collection process in the public place and make it more environmentally friendly and efficient," said a student working on the project
Pic credits: Edex Live
Pic credits: Edex Live

When projects are just a small part of any academic course, the importance given to the project's quality is not as much. But the students of Government Polytechnic College, Westhill in Kozhikode will have a different story and experience to talk about, as they are on the verge of becoming the first campus in Kerala to revolutionise the e-vehicles space by developing and assembling more than 75 e-vehicles for waste management, as stated in a report by The New Indian Express

In their first move, the students are working on assembling 30 e-vehicles for the Kozhikode Corporation for its waste management initiative. It is said that the students are on a tight schedule to finish the work, as they hardly have a few days to deliver the first bunch of 30 e-auto rickshaws to the corporation authorities. 

The project has been implemented on the campus as part of the Higher Education department's Industry on Campus scheme in association with the State government and Axeon. Speaking on this, Muhammed Shaneef, one among the 40 students working on the project said, "Through this project, we are aiming to revolutionise the waste collection process in the public place and make it more environmentally friendly and efficient."

"Not just waste collection, we are also bringing up the importance of switching to e-vehicles in the coming days to protect the environment and make it more sustainable for the future generation," the student added. Additionally, in between the academic sessions, the selected students head towards the general workshop at the campus, where the work on 30 e-vehicles are progressing.

As per the students, delivering the vehicles before the deadline is also a task for them in addition to the task of building the vehicle. The students are provided with all materials required to assemble the vehicles. Through the specially designed training programme, they are giving detailed sessions on how to bring together these parts to make a revolution in the automobile industry. 

The college Principal Abdul Salam PK said, "Students are getting direct training under the companies involved in e-vehicle manufacturing". More than 100 students came forward to cooperate with this initiative, but we selected the best 40 students among this bunch, he said. 

Giving more details, he said that since they are getting hands-on experience in this sector, job opportunities will go up for these students as they are already experienced before finishing their courses. Final and second-year students are mostly included in this training programme, he further added. 

In addition to this, Axeon, who are providing training to the students, have already expressed their willingness to provide job opportunities to the students who complete the course successfully. Industry on-campus projects will eventually help the students get attractive job offers, he further added, as stated in a report by The New Indian Express.  

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