NIT Calicut: Human Rights Commission supports institute's decision to prohibit PDA

The institute deemed that this does not invade the students' personal liberty but rather safeguards them from any kind of harassment on campus
Picture Courtesy: Google Images
Picture Courtesy: Google Images

A complaint that was registered by social activist and advocate, V Devdas, against the circular issued by the National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NIT C) banning Public Display of Affection (PDA) on the campus, was rejected by the Human Rights Commission on Thursday, August 24, as per The New Indian Express.

Commission with the university's decision

The commission deemed that the circular highlights the welfare of the students. The Acting Chairman and Judicial Member of the commission K Baiju Nath, informed that the director of NIT Calicut has made it clear that the instructions issued regarding the discipline to be observed on campus is not an invasion of their personal liberty but rather part of the necessary measures taken to maintain the educational environment on the campus as per the UGC (University Grants Commission) norms.

The director further states in his report to the Human Rights Commission. that the UGC has clearly stressed the prevention of sexual harassment among employees and students. Hence, the institution is trying to give importance to the individual rights of students as well as the rights of other people who form a society.

He further stressed that students are responsible for obeying campus rules. Everyone has the right to live with dignity and the circular's intention is not to violate anyone's human rights. Hence, the decision was taken by the institution to safeguard the students and focus on the students.

The director's report was affirmed by the Human Rights Commission and they further declared that the complaint does not stand as the college authorities are clear with their intentions.

When was the circular issued?

NIT Calicut issued the concerned circular a few days before Valentine's Day that prohibited public display of affection on the campus. Issued by the Welfare Dean Professor Rajanikant GK, the circular released was meant to prevent a negative and hostile environment.

The dean said that such activities, whether consensual or not, are not appropriate to be conducted on the institute's property, and would only make others feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. He further states that such activities will lead to strict disciplinary actions, if found.

Students opposed the decision of the institution as the circular was issued without any prior information or a meeting with the students' body, while it cited that it was for the well-being of the students.

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