Senior resident doctor attacked, abused by patient at Dr BSAH, Delhi; RDA demands justice

A  female senior doctor was brutally attacked and verbally abused by patient attendants on the night of August 22
Pic: EdexLive
Pic: EdexLive

The medical profession has once again been marred by an incident of violence at Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital (Dr BSAH), in Rohini, Delhi. A female senior doctor was brutally attacked and verbally abused by patient attendants on the night of August 22, Tuesday. This incident has prompted the Resident Doctors Association (RDA) of the hospital to demand immediate action for justice and better security.

In a letter addressed to the hospital's Medical Director, the RDA expressed deep worry regarding what happened. They pointed out that this wasn't the first time such an incident occurred. Just last month, another senior doctor faced a similar situation. "Such incidents compromise the modesty of our female doctors," the RDA stated in the letter, echoing the deep-rooted concern for the safety and dignity of medical professionals. The RDA also highlighted the incompetence of the security personnel at the hospital and urged for systemic improvements. 

"There has been a questionable delay from police and security in this case and all the previous cases," the RDA lamented. More than 24 hours after the incident transpired, the culprits responsible for the incident are still at large, casting serious doubt on the effectiveness of the existing security apparatus.

To make things safer, the RDA of Dr BSAH outlined three pivotal requisites in their letter. First, they demand an immediate institutional First Information Report (FIR) to be made. Second, they're asking for better security measures at the hospital to protect the doctors. Third, they demand prompt help from security and police during emergencies like this. They also ask for a clear plan on how the hospital will handle situations like this in the future.

"Kindly look into this matter on an urgent basis as this is a matter of safety and security of resident doctors," concluded the letter that was signed by Dr Anirban Bhaumik, the President of the RDA, and Dr Jai Prakash, the General Secretary. 

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