College students held for posting clip of Pakistan's Independence Day released  

The police acted against the youngsters based on the complaint of a businessman in the neighbourhood, who was worried that it would threaten the atmosphere of the locality 
Pic Credit: EdexLive
Pic Credit: EdexLive

An official from the Mumbai Police announced today, Wednesday, August 16 that two college students were detained for posting their status on a social networking site with a video of Pakistan's Independence Day celebration.

Late on Monday night, the two male students from Colaba were put under prohibitory arrest and then released following a warning, he said.

According to the Colaba police, the adolescent pupils had shared a film of Pakistan's flag on their Instagram story status.

According to PTI, a businessman in Colaba reported it to the police, saying two locals had posted about Pakistan's Independence Day as their story status on Instagram, which might have had an impact on the neighbourhood's social atmosphere.

The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) located the students late on Monday night, August 14, and brought them to the Colaba police station based on the complaint.

According to the official, the two youths were arrested in accordance with CrPC section 151(3) and had a prohibitory purpose.

The official further stated that the two students were questioned by the police and the ATS and that the obscene video that had been provided to them by a friend had been taken off of their mobile devices.

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