NEP 2020 connects education to “basic Indian thinking”, says Amit Shah

Addressing the sixth convocation of the Indian Institute of Teacher Training in Gandhinagar, the home minister said that it is the responsibility of every teacher to study the NEP 2020 
Pic Credits: EdexLive
Pic Credits: EdexLive

The new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 connects the education system to “Indian basic thinking”, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday, August 13.

Amit Shah made these statements while speaking at the sixth convocation of the Indian Institute of Teacher Education (IITE) in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He was invited as the chief guest of the event, reports ANI.

"The New Education Policy changes India's education system and connects it to Indian basic thinking and paves the way for the flow of modern knowledge in the country. When the dimensions of ancient learning tradition and modern education are combined, then such an education policy is formed. This is the new education policy," Amit Shah said.

He further said that under the leadership of PM Modi, the New Education Policy contains a multitude of experiments. 

“This education policy is such an unparalleled education policy incorporating new dimensions of modern education along with the ancient education tradition, which is going to make our students the best in the world and take them to the forefront," Shah said. 

Only Prime Minister Narendra Modi can think of establishing a Teachers' Education University, Amit Shah in his address.

"PM Modi has envisioned not only IIT but also Raksha Shakti University, Forensic Science University, Yoga University and Child University. He has holistically considered meeting the needs of all regions of the country through education", he said.

Shah said that while the whole world was focused on making doctors, engineers, management experts and scientists for education, PM Modi is the only world leader who has thought of creating professional, complete, and dedicated teachers – and the IITE was started as a result.

It is the responsibility of the students graduating today that they must study the New Education Policy, he says.

The home minister said that PM Modi has laid the foundation for making India great for the youth and teenagers of this country. He said that those passing out from here today will spend their time making the concept of the new education policy successful and will become teachers who prepare children and youth to create a great India.

Shah further said that today, everything is available with modern technology, Google and artificial intelligence (AI), but only a teacher can make a child a good citizen and teach him about humanity and patriotism.

Also present for the occasion were other dignitaries like the governor of Gujarat, and chancellor of IITE Acharya Devvrat.

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