IIM Lucknow: Global Senior Leadership programme launched in collab with Imarticus Learning  

This executive programme will inculcate in the management leaders of India, Middle East & South Asia regions a sense of professional expertise
Picture Courtesy: Google Images
Picture Courtesy: Google Images

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow in collaboration with Imarticus Learning, the EdTech platform, has launched its Global Senior Leadership programme to upskill professional managers who have at least five-year professional experience and are aspiring to secure leadership positions in Finance, HR, Operations and Marketing functions, as stated in a press release by IIM Lucknow.

The programme and its aims

This programme aims to inculcate in professional managers the required expertise to navigate the challenges in the field and acquire proficiency in engaging with other CXOs within and outside the organisation.

The learning experience involves two tracks, the first track involves training for core general management skills and the second track prepares professionals for skills required to transition into the role of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) or COO (Chief Operating Officer). Additionally, 11 masterclass sessions from existing CXOs (Chief Experience Officers) will focus on helping those enrolled to learn about the real-life applications of knowledge.

The programme includes a business simulation game, through which, participants acquire decision-making skills for a general management role across marketing, operations, finance, HR and international business functions.

Focus on the global

The programme is designed to provide executives with focused know-how to operate businesses across the Middle East, India and South Asia regions. The ten-day campus immersion session at IIM Lucknow will help students build a network, which is essential to secure career growth opportunities. Along with this, the participants also earn executive alumni status of IIM Lucknow on successful completion of the programme.

Prof Nishant Uppal, Chairperson of MDP (Management Development Programme) at IIM Lucknow said, “The thoroughness and research that has gone behind designing the course is impressive. It is the optimum combination of theoretical knowledge, practical exposure and networking opportunities. Those enrolled have been provided with all the ammunition necessary to be a successful leader in their field.”

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