Lucknow University student calls the cops on Prof after being denied entry in class for being late

A first-year MA student of Arabic at Lucknow University called the police after being denied entry to class for arriving late, sparking a dispute with the Professor, who she accused of prejudice
Cops called over entry denial | Pic: EdexLive
Cops called over entry denial | Pic: EdexLive

A commotion erupted at Lucknow University (LU) when a first-year MA student of Arabic contacted the police after being refused entry into the classroom for arriving late. According to sources, Professor Aslam Islahi was delivering a lecture when the student appeared and interrupted the class. The teacher instructed her to leave, as he typically does with other students who arrive late or behave inappropriately.

However, the student engaged in a verbal dispute with the teacher and subsequently phoned the police, claiming harassment. She alleged to the authorities that the teacher had consistently exhibited prejudice against her due to her affiliation with a "distinctive sect", reports IANS.

This triggered a heated discussion between the pupil and the educator, which drew in students and instructors from other departments.

As the student declined to file a written grievance against the teacher, the police did not interfere in the situation. Subsequently, she left the site and declined to communicate with the journalists who were present.

Nevertheless, teachers of the Arabic department have jointly lodged a complaint at the proctor's office against the student, alleging that her behaviour has made it difficult for the faculty members to teach her.

"We expect that the university administration will take some action against her for indiscipline," said Islahi.

Another teacher said the student addresses teachers and officials disrespectfully and keeps pointing out flaws in everything in the department, including washrooms, syllabus, and lectures.

"She even takes teachers to task if they are late for a class by a few minutes," he added.

Proctor Rakesh Dwivedi said the college has requested help from the psychology department to extend help to the student, as “It is a sensitive matter and the said student seems to need counselling.”

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