Delhi Government issues guidelines for schools to prepare for summer heatwaves, no more afternoon assembly 

From water breaks to caps - here are all the measures that the Delhi Government has issued schools to implement 
Delhi Gov't issues guidelines help schools tackle summer | Pic: EdexLive
Delhi Gov't issues guidelines help schools tackle summer | Pic: EdexLive

The Delhi Government has issued guidelines for schools to prepare for the summer season as heatwaves are predicted to hit the national capital. As per the circular issued by the Directorate of Education, all recognised schools in Delhi must ensure that no student assembly is held during the afternoon shift, according to ANI.

"As the daytime temperature in Delhi crosses more than 40 degrees Celsius during the summer season this is detrimental to the health of the children and adolescents studying in schools. The rise in temperature in NCR has led to the increased instance of heat-related illness," noted the circular.

The official circular by the Directorate of Education added, “All Government / Government-aided / Private-unaided schools recognized under the Directorate of Education will have to ensure availability of drinking water to students in the schools. Students should be given water breaks during classes."

Moreover, the circular has instructed schools to raise awareness among students about shielding themselves from direct exposure to sunlight during the day by wearing traditional headgear such as an umbrella, hat, cap, or towel while travelling to and from school. This measure has been taken in light of the predicted heatwaves in the national capital, and the directive aims to ensure that students are adequately protected from the harsh sun rays.

Furthermore, the Directorate has also mandated that all recognised schools in Delhi must report any instances of heat-related illnesses among students to the nearest hospital or health facility. This will help in timely medical intervention and the prevention of any serious consequences due to heatstroke or other heat-related illnesses.

The Delhi Government's circular emphasised the importance of taking preventive measures to protect school students from heat-related illnesses during the summer season, and schools have been directed to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

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